Auto insurance. Arizona.

Auto insurance. Arizona.

Arizona Auto Insurance Information

   Arizona has a financial responsibility law. It is designed to make sure that any motorist licensed to drive in Arizona has insurance or enough money to pay for damages to others that may be caused by an operator of a motor vehicle.

   If you cause an automobile accident, you may be responsible for the losses of the other people involved. A claim may be made or a lawsuit filed against you for these losses. You may have to pay for the property damage you cause, and for the medical expenses, lost wages, and the pain and suffering of any injured person.
   If you do not have any insurance, your money, property and other assets may be taken to pay for these losses. Automobile liability insurance will help protect you so that this does not happen. Liability insurance also pays for a lawyer to defend you against any claim or lawsuit.
   You can also buy insurance to cover your injuries or damage to your automobile. These optional coverages will help pay for your losses whether or not you caused the loss.

   The only way you can make certain that you are not paying too much for your auto insurance is to shop around. Find out what different insurers charge for identical products and services. Prices for the same coverages may cost two or three times as much with one company as another. However, price is not the only factor.

   Shop Around. The key to comparison shopping is to know what insurance coverages you need before you start and then to find out how much those coverages will cost from a number of insurers. Comparison shopping takes time but will save you money. When shopping for auto insurance premium quotations, it is crucial that you provide the same information to each insurance agent or company.
   To give you an accurate quote, the agent or insurer will usually require at least the following information:
  • The type of car you have.
  • How many miles you drive to work.
  • Any accidents or violations you have had.
  • The age and driving history of all licensed drivers in your household.
  • The location where the car is garaged.
  • The coverages and limits you want.
   Where to shop. Most insurance companies and many agents advertise. Check the newspaper and yellow pages of the telephone directory for insurers and agents in your area. Ask your neighbors, relatives and friends for recommendations. Ask them about their experience regarding price and service, and ask them what kind of claim service they have received from the insurers they recommend. By shopping around you can ensure that you receive an acceptable amount of service and coverage for your premium.

   Ask about discounts. Here are some you should look for:
  • Multiple Vehicles
  • Driver Education
  • Good Student
  • Vehicle Safety Device
  • Anti-theft Device
  • Low Mileage
  • Good Driver/ Renewal
  • Auto/Home Package
   Consider higher deductibles. By requesting a higher deductible on your collision and comprehensive coverage, you may lower your premiums substantially.

   Check for "Fringe" coverages. Many insurers offer towing services or rental vehicle reimbursement coverage, and some offer non-insurance products along with their insurance policies. Review coverages and products carefully before purchasing them.

   Insurers may choose the people they wish to insure. They may not refuse to insure you based on race, color, creed, national origin, or ancestry. If you are turned down by one company, check with others. Insurers have different underwriting criteria and standards. Some specialize in low-risk (preferred) drivers while other companies specialize in high-risk (non-standard) drivers. The premiums charged will vary accordingly.
   If you have tried several insurers and cannot find auto insurance coverage, you can call the Arizona Department of Insurance at (602) 364-2496 (Phoenix) or (800) 544-9208 (statewide).

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