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   Missouri requires all private passenger automobile insurance policies to cover a specific car and these drivers:

  • The person named in the policy.
  • The spouse or any other family member living in the same household.
  • Any other person who has permission to drive the car.
   Personal auto insurance policies can specifically exclude named drivers from coverage including family members who live in the home. Some policies may only provide the minimum liability limits (25/50/10) for other drivers not in your household who drive your car, even when your limits are higher.

Saving on auto insurance.

1. Drive safely. Your driving record greatly affects your auto insurance rates. Every time you are responsible for an accident or receive a moving traffic violation you risk having your premium raised or your policy cancelled.
2. Shop around. Consumers can increase their odds of getting the best insurance ďdealĒ by getting information about rates, coverage, and service from a number of companies and agents/ producers. A few phone calls may save you $50 to $100.
   Individual company Web sites can provide easily accessible quotes for you from several companies and contact numbers for local agents/producers. Be wary, however, of buying directly over the Internet without the assistance of a local agent/producer.
3. Increase deductibles. Your auto insurance rates will decrease as you raise the deductible amounts on your policy. A deductible is the amount of any loss you must pay before the insurance company will cover damages. For example, if you have a deductible of $100 on your auto policy and have $1,000 worth of damage, you pay the first $100 and the insurance company pays $900.
4. Credit Scores. Most insurance companies use your credit history along with accidents, violations, age, and location to determine your premiums. Obtain a copy of your credit report and verify that the information is accurate. Bankruptcies, judgments, liens, late pays and credit inquiries will cause your "credit score" to decrease and your premiums to increase.
5. Take advantage of special discounts. Donít wait for your agent/producer to offer discounts -- ask for them. The Missouri Department of Insurance publishes a brochure on typical discounts offered by high-volume insurers. Available discounts include:
  • Multiple Vehicles Discount
  • Auto and Home Discount
  • Accident-Free Discount
  • Good Student Discount
  • Air Bag/Driver-Side Discount
  • Air Bag/Both-Sides Discount
  • Anti-Lock Brakes Discount
  • Anti-Theft Device Discount
  • Automatic Seatbelts Discount
  • Elderly/Retired Discount
  • Premium Paid in Full Discount
  • Economy Care Discount
  • Daytime Running Lights Discount
   However, donít automatically assume that just because you get a discount the rate is a good one. In some cases, a companyís rates without a discount can be lower than those of other companies that offer discounts. Shop around and compare rates. Other issues to bear in mind include:
  • Financing your insurance premium. Try to pay for your automobile insurance for the full policy period. Some companies have monthly, quarterly or semi-annual installment payment plans at an extra cost. In addition, automobile insurance costs that are sometimes financed by outside sources can sometimes be very expensive. Check closely into the added cost of any premium financing plan.
  • Consider insurance costs when you buy a car. Insurance costs go up if you buy a highperformance, or more expensive automobile. Talk to your agent/producer about the cost of insurance before you buy.
  • Reduce or eliminate collision and/or comprehensive coverage on an old car. The amount you may pay in premiums may equal the cash value of your automobile.
  • Insure all your cars with the same company.
  • Notify your agent/producer if you:

    * Substantially cut down on your annual mileage
    * Move to a different neighborhood, town, or state
    * Sell a car
    * Cut down on the number of drivers in the household * Marry
    * Turn 21, 25, or 29

       These changes in circumstances may lower your premium.
  • Donít duplicate coverage. Try not to buy automobile insurance and health/accident insurance that pay for the same things. Compare your policies and consult with your agent/producer before purchasing additional coverage.
  • Group insurance. Some associations, organizations, or employee groups have insurance plans available to members to purchase automobile (or other) insurance through special arrangements with insurance companies. In some cases, the insurance company may automatically accept all group members for insurance or only those members meeting their requirements. Find out first! Group arrangements for insurance may save you money, but they may not always do so. Look into the cost of purchasing insurance coverage individually.
If you cannot get auto insurance.

   Drivers who have difficulty obtaining coverage from any company selling auto insurance in Missouri may obtain coverage from the Missouri Joint Underwriting Association. MJUA net losses are funded by all companies selling auto liability insurance in Missouri. This coverage is only for those drivers who cannot find insurance in the normal market. Any agent/producer should be able to provide you with an MJUA rate or information on who to contact. Call Consumer hotline at 1-800-726-7390 or e-mail the Department of Insurance if you cannot locate MJUA assistance.

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