Cheap auto insurance. Montana.

Auto insurance. Montana.

Montana auto insurance information

Laws and minimum requirement

   Car insurance is required in Montana. State law sets minimum liability requirements for auto insurance. These limits are $25,000 bodily injury coverage for one person, $50,000 for coverage of bodily injury for two or more people, and $10,000 property damage coverage. Liability insurance covers you against damages you cause to others if you are at fault in an accident. It does not protect you against your own losses. Also, it is mandatory for the companies to offer uninsured motorist coverage, but you, the consumer, may reject this coverage.

How To Reduce Your Premiums

Shop around. Auto insurance premiums can vary from company to company and from coverage to coverage. Check with your state’s insurance department for price comparison information - it may offer information on the prices charged by major insurers.

Maintain a Good Driving Record. Companies charge safe drivers (i.e., free of at-fault accidents or violations) lower rates for automobile insurance. Each company has different guidelines to determine what price an individual will be charged.

Ask for higher deductibles. Higher deductibles mean lower premiums. You may reduce your auto insurance costs by increasing the deductibles on physical damage (collision and comprehensive) coverages. Review your current deductibles to determine whether you can afford to absorb a larger portion of your loss in the event of an accident. Consider lowering or eliminating physical damage coverages on older vehicles - unless a lien holder, such as a bank, requires it.

Buy your homeowners and auto insurance from the same company. Many insurers will offer customers a discount for multiple policies.

Give Complete, Correct Information. When you call for a quote or fill out an application, give complete and correct information. Your premium quote will be based on this information so it is very important that your information be as accurate and complete as possible.

Ask About Discounts. Some insurance companies require three years of driving experience before any discount is applied to premiums. Ask your agent or company if you are eligible for any discounts. Some of the discounts that may be offered include:

  • Two or more cars on a policy.
  • Participation in driver education courses.
  • Most insurance companies place a high value on driver education because it gives drivers experience behind the wheel, regardless of their age.
  • Good student driver under age 25.
  • Some insurance companies give a discount to students who have good grades. Others give premium discounts to students who are on their parents' policies, but are away from home.
  • Mature driver (between 50 and 65 years of age).
  • Airbags or other safety equipment.
  • Anti-theft devices.
   Insurance companies usually charge higher premiums for cars that cost more to repair or offer occupants less protection from accidents. Companies may charge more for cars that tend to cause more damage when involved in accidents, such as certain sport utility vehicles. Cars with high theft rates, including sports cars, also cost more to insure.

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