Cheap auto insurance. North Carolina (NC).

Auto insurance. North Carolina.

North Carolina Auto Insurance Information

Examples of Discounts
You may want to ask your agent or company if you are eligible for any discounts. Following are some examples of discounts being offered:
  • Your vehicle has anti-lock brakes.
  • Your vehicle has an anti-theft device.
  • Your vehicle has daytime running lights.
  • You agree to a checkless pay plan (electronic funds transfer).
  • You are renewing your policy and did not have a loss or conviction during the last policy period.
  • You are considered a mature driver (normally age 55, but ages for eligibility can vary by company).
  • You have more than one automobile on the same policy.
  • You have insurance on your home and automobile with the same company.
  • Your vehicle has a passive restraint system (air bags, automatic seat belts and other safety equipment may qualify).
Increase Deductibles
   You can lower your premium by increasing your deductibles. You can choose the deductibles on your comprehensive and collision coverages. In doing this you will want to consider how much of a loss you can afford to absorb if you have a claim.

Shop Around (Comparison Shopping)
   Shop around, you may find substantial differences between quotes. Make sure you are comparing identical coverages when comparing companies. Make sure you are dealing with licensed agents and companies.

Paying Your Premium
   Pay your premium in full. Also, pay on or before the due date to avoid the risk of cancellation. There is NO GRACE PERIOD for automobile insurance. Use a check or money order. If you use cash, request a receipt, and keep it in a safe place.
   Pay your premiums even if you disagree with your insurance company. Failure to make premium payments may cause cancellation of your policy.
   Some consumers choose to finance their premium. The method most commonly used is by way of a premium finance company. When dealing with a premium finance company you should note the following.
  • You are reaching a separate agreement with the finance company. Your insurance company is not lending you the money.
  • The finance charges and fees associated with the loan will increase your total cost of insurance.
  • The finance agreement must be in writing, dated and signed by you. Before the first due date of the first installment, the finance company must deliver a copy of the agreement to you or mail to your address as shown on the agreement.
  • You should ask your agent for an explanation of the charges and fees associated with the agreement.
Before You Buy a Car
Before you buy your car ask about the cost of insurance. Some makes and models are higher risks than others and could result in a higher premium. With a few models, you may have trouble finding companies willing to provide Comprehensive and Collision coverages.

Driving Record
Maintain a clean driving record. A key element in determining your rates is your driving record. Remember that insurance points will remain on your record for three years.

Parents of Teenagers If your child does not own a car, make sure the insurer knows which car the teen will be driving and whether it will be primary or occasional use. Coverages
If you have an older model vehicle and it is not financed, the benefit from the purchase of Comprehensive and Collision coverages might not be worth the cost.

Read Your Policy
Read your policy and make sure that it lists all coverages you have requested.

Insurance Identification Cards
Make sure you have an insurance identification card. This will provide the necessary insurance information required from you at the time of an accident.

What is a High-Risk Driver?
When an insurance company considers you a high-risk driver, it will be harder to obtain insurance, especially at better rates. Usually drivers are considered a high risk because of tickets or accidents, reckless or drunk driving history or being an inexperienced operator.

What is an Inexperienced Operator? An inexperienced operator is a licensed driver who has less than three years driving experience. Adding an inexperienced operator will cause a significant increase in your premium.

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