Cheap auto insurance. South Carolina (SC).

Auto insurance. South Carolina.

South Carolina Auto Insurance Information

   South Carolina law allows eligible consumers to legally drive uninsured. However, if you drive legally uninsured and cause an accident, you may be responsible for the losses of the other person(s) involved. A claim may be filed against you for those losses. You may have to pay not only for the property damage you cause, but also for the medical expenses, wages, and pain and suffering of any injured person(s).
   Auto liability insurance coverage is designed to protect you from personal liability for these types of losses. Liability insurance also pays for a lawyer to defend you against any claim or lawsuit filed against you.
   South Carolina law now allows you to legally drive uninsured if you pay a $550 fee. The fee is paid to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety. It is used to offset the costs of uninsured motorist coverage and to provide education programs for South Carolina consumers.

When Shopping For Auto Insurance
   The first step is knowing how much insurance you need. If you know what you need, you are less likely to purchase unnecessary coverages. Once you determine your needs, call several agents. Ask them to give you a quote on how much the premium will be for the auto insurance coverage you are seeking.
   Different insurance companies charge different rates for the same coverages. When comparing different companies, you may want to remember the following points:
  1. Compare premiums for each coverage, then compare the total cost for each policy.
  2. Ask about discounts and what is required to qualify for them (e.g., homeowners, renterís insurance, life, health, good student and safe driver).
  3. Consider if you only need liability coverage; i.e., if your vehicle is 10 years+, and you can afford repair or replace your vehicle, you may want to drop collision and comprehensive coverage. It may save you money.
  4. Ask about other discounts that are available (e.g., air-bag, automatic restraint systems, anti-theft devices).
  5. Start shopping around at least 45 days before your policy is up for renewal.
  6. If your policy is cancelled or not renewed, begin shopping around as soon as you receive the notice from the insurance company.
  7. Your credit history can be a factor in determining rates.
   You must maintain liability coverage as follows: $15,000 bodily injury for one person, $30,000 for two or more persons, and $10,000 property damage. These are the minimum limits.

How To Reduce Your Premiums
  • Remain or become a good risk driver.
  • Obey all traffic laws and avoid traffic citations. Do not drive in excess of the posted speed limit. At fault accidents will increase your premiums.
  • Check with your agent or insurer and get a list of available discount and premium credit programs.
  • Consider increasing your collision and comprehensive deductibles.
  • Before purchasing your next vehicle, ask about which vehicles are rated for higher insurance costs.
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