Cheap auto insurance. West Virginia (WV).

Auto insurance. West Virginia.

West Virginia Auto Insurance Information

   Car insurance is required in West Virginia. The liability requirements of the state of West Virginia are usually represented as 20/40/10. Thus, insured drivers in West Virginia are required to carry a minimum of $20,000 of medical coverage for a single person injured in an accident, $40,000 of medical coverage for all people injured in an accident, and $10,000 of coverage for property damage per event.
   The 20/40/10 limits of coverage for uninsured motorists are also mandatory. Uninsured motorist coverage provides coverage for the insured who is hit by a motorist who is uninsured or by a hit-and-run driver who remains unidentified.

Factors that may affect the premium
   Hundreds of companies sell insurance in West Virginia and prices can vary widely. Some factors companies use to set rates:
  • Type of automobile you drive. Certain vehicles cost more to insure because they're more likely to be damaged in an accident, cost more to repair, or are frequently stolen.
  • Driving record. Drivers with accidents and tickets usually pay higher premiums than those with good driving records.
  • Your age, gender. Statistics show certain groups of drivers (for example, young unmarried males) have more accidents. A higher chance of loss means more premium.
  • Where you live. Since heavily populated areas have more traffic, thefts, and vandalism, city drivers may pay higher premiums than rural drivers.
  • How much you drive. Drivers who drive more miles per year may pay more than those who drive fewer miles per year.
  • Credit history. Companies may consider your financial stability and charge higher premiums based on your financial status.
How to reduce your rates
Shop Around. Prices can differ among companies. Get quotes from different types of companies. Some sell through their direct agents, some sell through independent agents, some sell by mail, some over the internet and some by phone.
Consider higher deductibles. The higher your deductible is, the lower your premium. However, you must be careful not to get in accidents with a higher deductible, as this is the amount that will come out of your pocket before your insurance company starts paying for the rest of the damage to your vehicle.
Ask About Discounts. Such discounts can include:
  • Multiple Vehicles
  • No moving violations in 3 years
  • No accidents in 3 years
  • Drivers over the age of 50-55
  • A driver training course
  • Anti-theft device
  • Air bags
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Daytime running lights
  • Good student
  • Auto/Home Package
  • Long time customer
  • College students away from home
  • First accident forgiveness
If you canít find auto coverage
   Some drivers have a hard time obtaining insurance. This can result from a number of factors, including a poor driving record, type of vehicle, claims history, experience, etc. If all attempts fail and you are unable to obtain automobile insurance, any licensed agent can obtain insurance for you through the West Virginia Assigned Risk Plan ("AIPSO"). AIPSO should be a last resort because the premium is generally higher than standard insurance companies. AIPSO is designed to provide a means by which risks that are in good faith entitled to automobile liability insurance, but are unable to secure it, may be assigned to authorized insurance companies. Comprehensive and collision coverages are available, subject to a deductible, but cannot be purchased separately from the liability insurance. Non-owned and commercial vehicles may also be insured with AIPSO.

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