Reaction time test

Visual memory test

   Instantaneous or sensory visual memory - is the ability to glance at something for an instance and remember what it looked like. This test will help you evaluate your ability to memorize a picture within fractions of a second. Before beginning the test, concentrate and then press the Start button. You will see a few numbers:

   Remember the position of each number. They will dissapear in 0.7 seconds. Then, circles with a question mark will appear in place of the numbers.

   You will need to press the circles in the ascending order of the numbers in picture one. In the given example this will be 4 → 5 → 7 → 8. In the picture, the order of selection is shown with the red numbers. If the lowest of the numbers with the question marks is guessed correctly, then that circle dissapears and you must guess the next number. When all numbers are guessed, the next set of numbers is displayed. If you made a mistake and pressed the wrong circle, then that picture dissapears and a new one is shown. In total, there will be 24 new sets with the quantity of numbers ranging from 3 to 5. The test takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.
   At the end of the test you will see your result and the statistics of all people who previously took the test. You will be able to see how good is your visual memory in comparison to others. Enjoy the test!