Reaction time test

  How quickly you can respond if necessary? The ability for fast reaction can be critical in various situations (especially when you're behind the wheel of a car). This test helps determine your reaction time and compares your results with others.
   When it's the yellow traffic light and you're ready for the test, click the mouse on the purple rectangle and the traffic light will turn red. Be ready - in 0.5 - 5 seconds the traffic light will turn green and start the timer. You should as soon as possible click the mouse again to stop the timer. Displayed on the left in the box is your reaction time in seconds. When the traffic light is lit yellow light, you can relax - at this time, nothing happens. There will be 5 attempts, the result of each attempt will be shown on the left. It then calculates the average time your reaction and shows statistics of all others and your result.

  Reaction Time

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